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  • TUBINETTE Stockinette : This Page
  • SURGIFIX Tubular Bandage : This Page
  • Tubular Applicators : Page 2
  • TUBIFAST Bandage : Page 2
  • TUBIGRIP Tubular Bandage : Page 2
  • TUBIPAD Limb Bandage : Page 2
  • TUBIGRIP ARTHRO Pads : Page 2
  • Anti-Embolism Stocking

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    Surgical Stockinette

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    TUBINETTE Plain Viscose Stockinette BP

  • Tubinette is used to hold dressings securely in place and to protect clothing from ointments and creams
  • Made from 100% viscose and is intended for use where dressings have to be changed frequently
  • The convenience and low cost makes them highly cost-effective
  • Quick and easy to apply, with or without applicator
  • Please select Product:

    Code Size For Per 20m
    M2416 01 Fingers/Toes £
    M2417 12 Bulky Fingers/Toe Dressings £
    M2419 56 Adult Limb £
    M2420 78 Large Adult Limb £

      Please select Quantity

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    TUBEGAUZ Plain Cotton Stockinette BP

  • Tubegauz is used to hold dressings securely in place and to protect clothing from ointments abnd creams
  • Made from 100% bleached cotton and is recommended for use where natural fibres are preferred
  • Quick and easy to apply, with or without applicator
  • Range of eight sizes amkes it easy to retain dressings anywhere on the body
  • Cost-effective option for dressing retention and dermatologal covering
  • Please select Product:

    Code Size For Per 20m
    M2424 01 Fingers/Toes £
    M2425 12 Bulky Fingers/Toe Dressings £
    M2427 56 Adult Limb £
    M2428 78 Large Adult Limb £
    M2429 T1 Small Body/ Adult Head £
    M2430 T2 Large Body £

      Please select Quantity

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    TUBITON Plain Cellulose Stockinette BP

  • Tubiton holds dressings securely and comfortably in place, without constriction or compression
  • The tubuilar construction makes application quick and easy, particularly when using a tubular bandage applicator
  • Made from 100% unbleached cotton and contains natural oils that help to make it water-repellent
  • Protects clothing from ointment and creams
  • Please select Product:

    Code Size For Per 20m
    M2404 01 Fingers/Toes £
    M2405 12 Bulky Fingers/Toe Dressings £
    M2408 78 Large Adult Limb £

      Please select Quantity


    Surgifix® Color-line Tubular Elastic Net Bandage

    1. Tubular elastic net bandage used to hold dressings in place
    2. Due to its versatility, it is suitable for all parts of the body, even the most difficult areas, without compressing
    3. Made from polyester 38%, Polyamide 35%, Latex 27%
    4. Stretches up to 25 Metres (9 Metres unstretched)
    5. Can be sterilised
    M90244 Surgifix® Size 1 (Blue Line)
    (for fingers)
    £ Each
    M90245 Surgifix® Size 2 (Green Line)
    (for wrist and hand)
    £ Each
    M90246 Surgifix® Size 3 (Yellow Line)
    (for hand, elbow and arm)
    £ Each
    M90247 Surgifix® Size 4 (Brown Line)
    (for elbow, arm and foot)
    £ Each
    M90248 Surgifix® Size 5 (Purple Line)
    (for foot, knee and leg)
    £ Each
    M90249 Surgifix® Size 5.5 (Pink Line)
    (Umbilical tubular elastic belt for babies)
    £ Each
    M90250 Surgifix® Size 6 (Orange Line)
    (for head, shoulder, pelvis and leg)
    £ Each
    M90251 Surgifix® Size 7 (Maroon Line)
    (for body, pelvis and thigh)
    £ Each
    M90252 Surgifix® Size 8 (Light Brown Line)
    (for shoulder, body and back)
    £ Each
    M90253 Surgifix® Size 9 (Red Line)
    (for shoulder, body and back)
    £ Each
    M90254 Surgifix® Size 10 (Dark Brown Line)
    (for shoulder, body and back)
    £ Each

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