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BSN Medical


Easifix® Crinx Conforming Bandage

  1. Made from 100% soft, absorbent white cotton, conformable to all parts of the body, BP (type A)
  2. Inverted to prevent fraying, lightweight and comfortable in use
  3. Breathable to reduce the risk of skin maceration
M0002 Easifix® Crinx Bandage - 5cm x 3.5m 12/Pack £
M0003 Easifix® Crinx Bandage - 7.5cm x 3.5m 12/Pack Discontinued - Alternative Product: M71430-03
M0004 Easifix® Crinx Bandage - 10cm x 3.5m 12/Pack Discontinued - Alternative Product: M71428-04


Easifix® Retention Bandage

Produced from viscose and polyamide, Easifix retention bandage is soft, lightweight and porous, providing excellent conformability and secure fixation of wound dressings.

  1. Carefully finished with soft edges to prevent fraying
  2. Minimises the risk of the bandage cutting into skin
  3. Durable and extensible
  4. Highly conformable
  5. Secure fixation even for awkward contours
  6. No restriction to functional movement or blood circulation when applied correctly
  7. Soft on skin
  8. Minimises risk of skin maceration
  9. Light and soft
  10. Permits air circulation
  11. Size: 1.7 Metres Long Unstrectched - 4 Metres Long Stretched
  12. Material: 41% Viscose, 59% Polyamide
M71430-03 Easifix® Retention Bandage - 7.5cm x 4m - 20/Box £
M71428-04 Easifix® Retention Bandage - 10cm x 4m - 20/Box £


Gypsona® Plaster of Paris Bandage

  1. Combine fast setting, high quality Plaster of Paris with the conformable and stable interlocked weave of leno cloth
  2. Creamy textured Plaster of Paris makes moulding easy
  3. Spooled on a core for superior bandage stability and easier handling
  4. Moisture resistant packaging improves protection of the bandage within
M7071 Gypsona® Bandage - 7.5cm x 2.7m 6/Pack £ Out of stock
M7074 Gypsona® Bandage - 15cm x 2.7m 6/Pack £


Hypafix® Wide-Area Dressing Fixation

  1. Polyester non-woven backing
  2. Low allergy polyacrylate adhesive
  3. Easily cut to required shape and size so no unnecessary waste
  4. Virtually painless removal
  5. Air and moisture vapour permeable
  6. Transverse stretch provides excellent conformability, even on contoured body areas such as knee, elbow and shoulder
M2035 Hypafix® - 2.5cm x 10m Single Roll £
M2036 Hypafix® - 5cm x 10m Single Roll £
M2037 Hypafix® - 10cm x 10m Single Roll £
M2038 Hypafix® - 20cm x 10m Single Roll £


Leukoplast® Sleek® Adhesive Bandage BP

  1. Leukoplast® Sleek® is a waterproof adhesive strapping tape
  2. Its strength and conformability also makes it suitable for use in the work place
M7045 Leukoplast Sleek - 2.5cm x 4.5m Single Roll £
M7046 Leukoplast Sleek - 5cm x 4.5m Single Roll £


Tensoplast® Elastic Adhesive Bandage

Combining a specially formulated porous adhesive and a superior woven cloth, Tensoplast® provides an unrivalled level of quality performance, trusted patient comfort and compliance.

  1. High quality extensible fabric made of high-twist cotton yarns for superior stretch and regain properties provide good conformability
  2. Rounded edged core for comfortable application
  3. Porous, zinc-oxide adhesive allows skin to breathe giving strong comfortable adhesion and bandage remains securely in place for continuous support
  4. Soft, non-fraying edges help to prevent the bandage from constricting or leaving marks on the skin
  5. Distinctive central line encourages accurate overlap during application
M4329 Tensoplast® EAB Strapping (Skin Tone) - 2.5cm x 4.5m Single Roll £
M4145 Tensoplast® EAB (White) - 5cm x 4.5m Single Roll £


Multisorb® Absorbent Dressing Pads - Replacement for Topper Xtra/Surgipad

Absorbent pads for absorption of wound exudate and fluids and general skin swabbing.
The viscose/polyester construction of Multisorb material is a low linting, soft, absorbent and can be used to clean wounds, as skin protection or as a secondary dressing.

  1. Absorbs up to 40% more fluid (weight/ weight) compared with traditional B.P. Type 13 light swabs
  2. Provides the optimum combination of softness and absorbency to make it suitable for use as a dressing or a swab
  3. Unlike traditional gauze Multisorb non-woven has a low level of linting which minimises the risk of wound contamination
M71798-02 Multisorb® Dressing Pads Non-Sterile 10cm x 20cm £ 25/Pack
M7181621 Multisorb® Dressing Pads Sterile 20cm x 40cm £ 5/Pack
Cutisoft; Skin Cleansing Wipes

Cutisoft® Skin Cleansing Wipes

Cutisoft skin cleansing wipes contain a viscose swab impregnated with isopropyl alcohol. Used for pre-injection site cleansing, 70% isopropyl alcohol has disinfectant properties which cleanses and lowers the skin bacteriological count prior to injections.

Highly convenient individually wrapped sterile wipes ideal for cleaning the skin before injections. Each wipe is saturated with 70% Isopropyl alcohol solution for rapid disinfection of injection site. Wipes are single use only, do not use on open wounds.

  1. Ensures greater adhesion for dressings
  2. Isopropyl-alcohol based skin swab
  3. 100 individually wrapped swabs per box
  4. Wipe size: 60 x 30mm
M603 Cutisoft® Skin Cleansing Wipes - 100/Box £
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