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Ambu® White Sensor ECG Electrodes

Medium size tab electrode with solid gel for 12-lead ECG, Presented conveniently with 10 pieces to a card. The fish tail tab design reduces electrode lift-offs even if the adaptor kinks.

  1. Skin friendly solid gel
  2. Medium size
  3. Radiolucent
  4. MR Conditional
  5. Single Use
Solid GelPolymer Backing MaterialRadiolucentMR Conditional
M0415 Ambu® White Sensor ECG Electrodes £ 100/Pack


Ambu® Blue Sensor Tab E.C.G. Electrodes

  1. Features a skin-friendly solid gel that provides optimal signal quality recordings during 12-lead diagnostic resting ECG application
  2. Ten blue sensor tabs are packed on a single liner so there is no need to peel away individual backing material
  3. Sensor material: Silver / Silver Chloride (Ag, AgCl)
TB2300 Ambu® Blue Sensor Tab E.C.G. Electrodes £ 100/Pack


3M Red Dot™ Resting Electrodes

The pressure sensitive adhesive enables the degree of adhesion to be controlled according to the amount of pressure applied.

  1. Excellent trace quality, even on challenging skin sites
  2. Rapid trace recovery due to Silver / Silver Chloride backing
M2330 3M Red Dot™ Resting Electrodes £ 100/Pack


3M Red Dot™ Long Term Monitoring Electrodes

  1. Hypoallergenic adhesive and solid gel on the electrodes ensure minimal skin irritation
  2. Adhesion increases in the first few hours after application, helping the electrode to stay in place for long-term monitoring
  3. 3M Micropore™ tape backing allows the skin to breathe and function normally
  4. Sensor material: Silver / Silver Chloride (Ag, AgCl)
M2239 3M Red Dot™ Long Term Monitoring Electrodes £ 50/Pack


Ambu® Abrasive Pad For Skin Preparation

  1. For use to abrade and prepare skin, prior to electrode placement
  2. Pads have adhesive backing to stick to finger during skin preparation
  3. Enhances the quality of the ECG signal
  4. Size: 19mm x 28mm
  5. Latex-free
2121M Ambu® Abrasive Pad For Skin Preparation £ 50/Pack


3M Red Dot™ Trace Prep

  1. For use to abrade and prepare skin, prior to electrode placement
  2. Proven in two independent studies to be most effective in reducing skin impedance
  3. Size: 18mm x 5m
  4. Use with Red Dot™ electrodes for superior trace quality
  5. Can be used with both diagnostic and monitoring electrodes
MM2236 3M Red Dot™ Trace Prep £ Each


Z-Fold A4 ECG Paper

  1. Z-Fold A4 ECG paper for ECG Machines
  2. Stock code: 94018 - For use with Welch Allyn CP100 & CP200 ECG machines
  3. Stock code: 5486 - For use with Seca CT6 Range of ECG machines
Welch Allyn Logo 94018 ECG paper for use with Welch Allyn CP100 & CP200 Machines - (5 Pack) £ 5 x 200 Sheets/Ream
Seca Logo S486 ECG paper for use with Seca CT6 Range Machines £ 240 Sheets/Ream
Seca Logo S480 ECG Paper for use with Seca CT8000i Machines (Width 80mm) £ 300 Sheets/Ream
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Stiefel® Disposable Curette

  1. Comprises of a plastic handle with an extremely sharp ring-shaped blade set into it
  2. Ring curette is comparable in size and weight to a fountain pen, and is extremely easy to handle
  3. Effective, routine curettage procedures
  4. Ergonomic handle
  5. Good field of operating visibility
  6. Sterile and individually packed
M1806 Stiefel® Disposable Curette - 4mm £ 10/Box
M1807 Stiefel® Disposable Curette - 7mm £ 10/Box


KAI Disposable Dermal Curette

  1. Stainless steel cutting edge for soft or weak tissue
  2. Ribbed handle for sure grip and precise control
  3. Size embossed on each individual punch for easy identification
  4. Wide range of sizes available - overall length 15cm
  5. Sterile and individually packed
K402 KAI Disposable Dermal Curette - 2mm £ 20/Box
K403 KAI Disposable Dermal Curette - 3mm £ 20/Box
K404 KAI Disposable Dermal Curette - 4mm £ 20/Box
K405 KAI Disposable Dermal Curette - 5mm £ 20/Box
K407 KAI Disposable Dermal Curette - 7mm £ 20/Box


Stiefel® Disposable Biopsy Punch

  1. Easy to use, gentle and cost-effective
  2. Standardised consistent skin biopsies from this ready-to-use, Single-Use punch
  3. Extremely sharp, stainless-steel cut
  4. Ergonomic handle for easy handling
  5. Individually sterile
  6. 10 sterile punches per pack
M1982 Stiefel® Disposable Biopsy Punch - 2mm £ 10/Box
M1983 Stiefel® Disposable Biopsy Punch - 3mm £ 10/Box
M1984 Stiefel® Disposable Biopsy Punch - 4mm £ 10/Box
M1985 Stiefel® Disposable Biopsy Punch - 5mm £ 10/Box Out of stock
M1986 Stiefel® Disposable Biopsy Punch - 6mm £ 10/Box


KAI Disposable Biopsy Punch

  1. KAI Disposable biopsy punch
  2. Seamless Stainless-Steel cutting edge
  3. Ribbed handle for sure grip and precise control
  4. Size embossed on each individual punch for easy and exact identification
  5. Wide range of sizes available - overall length 9.5cm
  6. Individually sterile
K510 KAI Biopsy Punch - 1mm £ 20/Box
K515 KAI Biopsy Punch - 1.5mm £ 20/Box
K520 KAI Biopsy Punch - 2mm £ 20/Box
K525 KAI Biopsy Punch - 2.5mm £ 20/Box
Bought to order
K530 KAI Biopsy Punch - 3mm £ 20/Box
K535 KAI Biopsy Punch - 3.5mm £ 20/Box
Bought to order
K540 KAI Biopsy Punch - 4mm £ 20/Box
K550 KAI Biopsy Punch - 5mm £ 20/Box
K560 KAI Biopsy Punch - 6mm £ 20/Box
K580 KAI Biopsy Punch - 8mm £ 20/Box

'Bought to order' items may incur an additional delivery cost, subject to availability.



  1. Removes surface protuberances as well as deep lesions
  2. Sure-grip side teeth facilitate three-digit grip
  3. Sterile and individually packed
  4. For shave biopsy
M250 Dermablade® £ 50/Box
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Bayer Diagnostic Strips

Bayer Diagnostic Strips
  1. Highest quality reagent strips for urinalysis
  2. Supplied in convenient tubes with charts for measuring results
M2304 Multistix 8SG - 100/Tub £
M2300 Multistix 10SG - 100/Tub £


Mid Stream Urine Collection Sets

The analysis of urine specimens from hospital and home based patients is an important part of 'first line' diagnosis.
The mid stream urine collection set makes it easy to gain the specimen effectively and conveniently as they are suitable for most category patients.

  1. Specimen container with screw cap lid
  2. Blank pre-formatted patient identification label
  3. Patient instructions included
  4. 'Easy collection' funnel
  5. Cleansing wipe
  6. Convenient individually sterile packs
M257 Mid Stream Urine Collection Set £ 10/Pack


Hollister U-Bag® Urine Collectors

  1. Sterile urine collectors
  2. Compatible and comfortable for male and female anatomy
  3. No-flow back valve keeps urine away from skin to help prevent irritation
  4. Adhesive area to seal specimen in transit
M7515 Hollister U-Bag® - Newborn - 100ml £ 10/Pack
M7511 Hollister U-Bag® - Paediatric - 200ml £ 10/Pack


Sample Collection Bottles

  1. Sample collection bottles with patient identification label
  2. Secure fitting screw cap
  3. Aseptically produced
M450B Sample Collection Bottles 30ml £ 50/Pack
M451 Sample Collection Bottles 60ml £ 25/Pack


Clear 6ml Sample Collection Pot with White Lid

  1. Pack of 25 sample collection pots.
  2. Clear with white lid.
  3. Screw top.
JAR6 Clear 6ml Sample Collection Pot with White Lid - 25/Pack £


Disposable Gallipots

Disposable clear gallipots with graduation marks.

M270 Disposable Gallipots - 60ml Non-Sterile £ 100/Pack
M271 Disposable Gallipots - 60ml Sterile £ 20/Box
M120 Disposable Gallipots - 120ml Sterile £ 20/Pack


Abbott Clearview hCG Cassette Pregnancy Test Kit (25 mIU/mL)

The Abbott Clearview hCG Cassette is an innovative one-step test, providing highly sensitive and specific results for the early detection of the human pregnancy hormone hCG.

Each foil pack contains an individual cassette and pipette. The Abbott Clearview hCG pregnancy test has proven accuracy of over 99%, and is both simple and easy to use.

Please note: The Abbott Clearview hCG Cassette is the re-branded version of Alere Clearview hCG Cassette and there are no changes to the functionality or procedure of the test, only the name.

  1. CLIA Complexity: Waived for urine, Non-Waived for serum
  2. Time to Result: 5 minutes or less
  3. Sample Type: Urine
  4. Sample Procedure: Pipette
  5. Highly sensitive assay with built-in controls ensures accuracy
M5118 Abbott Clearview hCG Cassette Pregnancy Test Kit £ 20 Tests/Box
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Unistik® 3 Normal - Medium Blood Flow

  1. Gauge: 23G
  2. Depth: 1.8mm
  3. Capillary blood sampling device for normal skin types
  4. Used for standard tests such as blood glucose monitoring in adults, and cholesterol testing
M0702 Unistik® 3 Normal £ 100/Box


Unistik® 3 Comfort - Low Blood Flow

Pre-set single use safety lancets with Comfort Zone Technology and side firing action to provide extra comfort for both patient and professional. Safe and easy to use for frequent blood glucose testing.

  1. Gauge: 28G
  2. Depth: 1.8mm
  3. Blood Volume Range: 5μL - 30μL
  4. Suggested Test Areas: Ward blood glucose monitoring, HbA1c
  5. Suggested Patient Areas: Diabetes Clinics, Paediatrics, Geriatrics, Home Use
M1042 Unistik® 3 Comfort £ 100/Box


Unistik® 3 Extra - High Blood Flow

Pre-set single use safety lancets with Comfort Zone Technology giving a virtually pain free experience. The design makes it easy and comfortable to grip, giving the user complete confidence and control during the procedure, allowing the user to decide exactly when to activate the device and how much pressure to apply.

  1. Gauge: 21G
  2. Depth: 2.0mm
  3. Blood Volume Range: 75μL - 125μL
  4. Suggested Test Areas: Cholesterol, Haemoglobin (Hgb), Diagnostic kit tests such as cardiac enzymes
  5. Suggested Patient Areas: Adults (tougher skin), Blood transfusion centres
M1012 Unistik® 3 Extra £ 100/Box


Sterile Blood Lancets

Optimal results with minimal discomfort due to the specially formed concave tip. The shaft is formed to maximize durability.

Smooth-edged and sharp-pointed, guaranteeing smooth penetration with minimal discomfort. Sterile and individually sealed in a strip of 5 tear-off sachets.

  1. Material: A.I.S.I 430 High quality, stainless steel
  2. Strength: 0.16 mm
  3. Hardness: 290 HV
  4. Length of tip: 3.7 mm
  5. Total length: 40 mm
M1804 Sterile Blood Lancets £ 200/Box


Neurotips™ Examination Pins

Mixed red and white Neurotips™ examination pins can be used for peripheral vision testing.

M5405 Neurotips™ Examination Pins £ 100/Box


Neuropen® And Monofilaments

The Neuropen® is an effective aid to peripheral neuropathy foot screening.

Peripheral neuropathy cannot be excluded without regular foot screening in conjunction with symptomatic and clinical assessments.
Neuropen® is an effective aid to this screening programme, meeting and exceeding current practices by being the first dual-purpose, pocket-sized device designed to provide a safe and reliable test.

The Neuropen® is a reusable device that can deliver:

  1. A 10g pressure test using Neuropen Monofilaments® to assess any reduction in sensation in the tested area.
  2. A 40g sharpness test using Neurotips® single use neurological examination pins, to assess reduced sensation to sharpness/pain in small nerve fibers.
M5411 Neuropen £ Each
M5410 Replacement Monofilaments (10g) £ 5/Box
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Patella Hammers

CE Marked patella hammers for testing patient reflexes.

Queens patella hammers:
  1. Rubber Head
  2. Nylon handle to aid grip
  3. Length: 36cm
Telescopic patella hammers:
  1. Heavy adjustable head covered with a rubber ring
  2. Chrome plated
  3. Length: 37cm
I520 Queens Patella Hammer £ Each
I521 Telescopic Patella Hammer £ Each


Buck Hammer

Buck hammer with pin and brush for testing patient reflexes and neurological sensitivity.

  1. Length: 18cm
  2. CE Marked
SKG-0794 Buck Hammer £ Each


Taylor Hammer

  1. For detecting fractures
  2. Length: 18.5cm
SKG-0786 Taylor Hammer £ Each


Fridge / Freezer Thermometer

Designed to hook onto a fridge or freezer shelf, the Zeal round fridge/freezer thermometer gives a true reading of temperature and can also be used as a room thermometer.

  1. Measurement range -50 °C to +50 °C
  2. Accuracy: ±2°C
  3. Large and clearly marked scale
  4. Dimensions - Diameter: 70mm, Depth: 10mm
  5. Detachable hook included
  6. Mercury free
ITHEM Fridge/Freezer Thermometer £ Each


Digital Fridge/Freezer Thermometer

This digital, max/min and alarm fridge or freezer thermometer features an easy to read 16mm LCD display.
The thermometer displays temperature over the range of -49.9 °C to +69.9 °C with a 0.1 °C or 0.1 °F resolution.
The thermometer is housed in an ABS case and incorporates two sensors, a remote for measuring the appliance temperature and an internal sensor for measuring the air room temperature.


  1. Alarm
  2. Memory
  3. Centigrade & Fahrenheit readings


  1. Height: 50mm
  2. Width: 70mm
  3. Depth: 15mm
I210 Digital Fridge/Freezer Thermometer £ Each


Dropper Bottles

  1. Strong, durable, screw-top glass dropper bottle
  2. Made from strong amber coloured glass
  3. Ideal for transporting liquids
  4. Available in 10ml and 20ml Sizes
MA10 Dropper Bottles 10ml £ Each
MA20 Dropper Bottles 20ml £ Each
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Optilube Lubricating Jelly

  1. Suitable for gynaecological procedures, catheter insertion and general lubrication
  2. Water soluble lubricating jelly easy to apply
  3. Will not damage rubber or metal
  4. Sterile and grease-free formulation
  5. Class IIa Sterile Lubricant Jelly
M1120 Optilube 5g Sachets £ 50/Pack
M1121 Optilube Tube 42g £ Each
M1122 Optilube Tube 82g £ Each


OptiLube Active

OptiLube Active is a Sterile Lubricant Gel containing local anaesthetic (Lidocaine) and antiseptics, with each syringe presented in a sterile package.

OptiLube Active is used for the insertion of catheters and instruments into the body cavity. The gel provides optimum lubrication, whilst the local anaesthetic prevents pain, and the antiseptic properties reduce the risk of infection.

Compatible with Instillaquill extension tubes

M6116 OptiLube Active™ 6ml £ 10x 20/Box (200)
Bought to order
M1161 OptiLube Active™ 11ml £ 10x 20/Box (200)
Bought to order
OptiLube Active™ - Product Information Sheet
Product Information Sheet
CE Certificate for OptiLube Active™
CE Certificate for OptiLube Active™

'Bought to order' items may incur an additional delivery cost, subject to availability.


Aquagel® Lubricating Jelly

Universal lubricant recommended for use in gynaecological, digital, instrument examinations and general lubrication procedures.

M7675 Aquagel® Lubricating Jelly £ 82g Tube
M7659 Aquagel® Lubricating Jelly - 5g Sachets £ 50/Pack


K-Y* Lubricating Jelly

  1. Water based, water soluble
  2. Gynaecologist recommended
  3. Non-greasy and non-sticky
  4. Fragrance free and alcohol free
M1248 K-Y* Lubricating Jelly £ 82g Tube


Strictly Professional Petroleum Jelly

  1. Provides essential protection of the skin or nails during a variety of treatments e.g. eyelash tinting.
  2. An essential stock item for all salons.
  3. Directions: Store in a cool place out of direct sunlight. Keep lid tightly closed when not in use.
B14618 Strictly Professional Petroleum Jelly £ 450ml

Ultrasound Gel

Hypoallergenic, water-soluble gel for use with all types of ultrasound machines. It also can be used with cavitation, radiofrequency, and weight loss equipment.

The consistency is specially formulated to act as a coupling agent and reduce static when using a Doppler, especially for fetal development images.

  1. Coupling gel for diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound
  2. PH neutral
  3. Produced on water base
  4. High viscosity
  5. Precise transmission
M942 Healthlife Ultrasound Gel - 250ml Bottle £
M940 Healthlife Ultrasound Gel 5 Litre Cubitainer With 250ml Refill Bottle £


Cotton Wool Balls

  1. BP Quality
  2. 100% Pure cotton wool
  3. Soft and absorbent
M1955 Cotton Wool Balls Small - 500/Bag £
M1960 Cotton Wool Balls Large - 250/Bag £


Large Sterile Cotton Wool Balls

  1. BP Quality
  2. Soft and absorbent
  3. 100% Pure cotton wool
M8172 Large Sterile Cotton Wool Balls - 200/Box (40x 5/Pack) £
Vernacare Sterile Non-woven Balls Size F

Vernacare Sterile Non-woven Balls - Size F

  1. Lint-free alternative to traditional cotton wool balls
  2. High quality non-woven material
VC28113 Vernacare Sterile Non-woven Balls - Size F - 100/Box (20x 5/Pack) £
Large Oval Cosmetic Cotton Pads

Large Oval Cosmetic Cotton Pads

Large oval shaped cosmetic pads suitable are suitable for spas, skin/beauty clinics and general cleansing as they are versatile. They can be used for applying lotions and creams, cleanser and are perfect for make-up application and removal. The compact surface is also ideal for applying liquids such as nail polish remover and toner etc.

  1. 100% Pure Cotton
  2. Soft & gentle
  3. Ideal for beauty treatments and general cleaning
B09142 Large Oval Cosmetic Cotton Pads - 50/Pack £
B9142BULK Large Oval Cosmetic Cotton Pads - 600/Case (12x 50/Pack) £


Round Cosmetic Pads

  1. 100% Pure Cotton
  2. Soft and gentle, ideal for facial cleansing
B47298 Cosmetic Pads - 80/Pack £
B47298BK Cosmetic Pads - 960/Case (12x 80/Pack) £

Assorted Applicators

Cotton Buds with Bamboo Stem B046 Cotton Buds (3″) with Bamboo Stem - 200/Tub £
B148 B148 Paper Stem Cotton Buds (Pointed/Rounded) - 200/Pack £
Cotton Buds with Paper Stem B10872 Cotton Buds (3″) with Paper Stem - 100/Tub £
Orange Sticks Wooden Applicators M2301 Orange Sticks (6″) Wooden Applicators - 1000/Pack £
M100 M100 Wooden Manicure/Cuticle Sticks (Slanted Ends) 15cm - 100/Pack £
Cotton Tip Wooden Applicators M982 Cotton Tip Wooden Applicators (6″) - 100/Box £
Sterile Cotton Tip Wooden Applicators M982S Sterile Cotton Tip Wooden Applicators (6″) - 500/Box (100 x 5/Pack) £


Wooden Tongue Depressors

Flat wooden spatula with smooth safely rounded ends.

M975 Universal™ Wooden Tongue Depressors £ 100/Box



Disposable Wooden Spatulas - 15cm

Disposable wooden spatulas for use with waxing treatments.

Flat, with smooth, rounded ends. 15cm length.

B150 Disposable Wooden Spatulas - 15cm 100/Box £
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