Dental Products


White Plastic Rinse Cups (7oz)

  1. High quality disposable white plastic drinking and rinsing cups (7oz)
  2. Available as a case of 2000, or a strip of 100 to suit all requirements
HPD187 Rinse Cups - 100 Strip £
D187 Rinse Cups - 2000 Case £


Re-usable Dental Bib

Plastic re-usable dental bib with Velcro fastening and shallow front pocket.

D5180 Re-usable Dental Bib £ Each


Dental Rolls

Dental Rolls are designed for mouth packing and moisture control during dental procedures.
Manufactured in compliance to the European Pharmacopoeia using 100% high quality absorbent cotton.

D881 Dental Rolls Size 1 - 8mm Diameter £ 500/Pack
D882 Dental Rolls Size 2 - 10mm Diameter £ 500/Pack


Dental Needles

  1. Sterile with plastic hub
  2. For use with a dental syringe
  3. Ultra sharp lancet point to minimise pain and discomfort
D1901 Solo Supra 27g Long (0.4 x 35mm) £ 100/Box
D1902 Solo Supra 30g Short (0.3 x 23mm) £ 100/Box
M2735 Terumo 27G Long (0.40 x 35mm) Imperial Thread £ 100/Box
M2721F Terumo 27G Short (0.40 x 21mm) Metric Thread £ 100/Box
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