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Patient Care


PDI® Hygéa Cleansing Wipes

  1. Hygéa hands and face hypoallergenic wipes are kind to the skin leaving it clean and fresh
  2. Added skin softener helps protect the skin in long term use
  3. Alcohol-free with a slight fragrance
  4. Contains no lanolin
  5. Dermatologically tested
M0164 Hygéa Cleansing Wipes - 24/Pack £
M0165 Hygéa Cleansing Wipes - 80/Pack £
T0161 Hygéa Cleansing Wipes - 200/Tub £


Readiwipes® Super (Dry Patient Wipes)

Readiwipes® patient wipes are a high performance wipe using a heavyweight polypropylene based material with a high cotton and viscose content for strength and extra absorbency. It has a high degree of opacity and whiteness which means it can’t be seen through. This wipe is used in high volumes by the NHS for patient cleansing and continence care. The combination of softness, strength, opacity and absorbency and the fact that it can be used wet or dry means that this product is ideal for personal hygiene and continence care particularly when dealing with compromised skin. Because of the thick absorbent material, this wipe is ideal for use wet as a flannel or for drying after cleansing, as well as soil removal and spill mopping. Also widely used in care and nursing homes and hospitals.

  1. High cotton and viscose content for absorbency
  2. Soft material
  3. Wet or dry use
  4. For personal cleansing and continence care
  5. Also suitable for surface cleansing
  6. Compatible with cleansing fluids, sprays and foams
  7. Non-interleaved Z folded for single wipe dispensing and economy in use
  8. Easily handled, compact, convenient, hygienic packaging
  9. Not maceratable and not flushable
  10. Wipe Size: 281mm x 300mm
  11. Latex-Free
M5053 Readiwipes® Super - Dry Wipes £ 100/Pack


Conti® So Soft Dry Patient Cleansing Wipes

Conti® So Soft is a heavyweight material offering durability and softness for highly effective cleansing both above and below the waist.
An ideal choice for patient care and when used together with Clinisan™ skin cleansing foam, provides the complete patient cleansing system which has many uses in the healthcare environment for general purpose cleansing.

  1. Large wipe size: 30xm x 36cm
  2. Non woven material: Polypropylene/Viscose/Cotton
ZACPV110 Conti® So Soft Dry Wipes - 30cm x 36cm £ 100/Pack


Clinisan Skin Cleansing Foam

Gentle soap-free foam for cleansing and protection of sensitive or dry skin.
Particularly useful at protecting the skin from the effects of incontinence.

SH400 Clinisan Skin Cleansing Foam £ 400ml Canister


Foam Swabsticks

Star-shaped foam-tipped swabsticks that are ideal for use in oral care, wound cleaning, general patient cleansing and the bathing of delicate areas.

  1. Foam swabsticks for oral cleansing
  2. Overall length is 11cm, foam swab is 2.5cm
  3. Plastic shaft and a non-water based adhesive
M286 Foam Swabsticks £ 250/Pack


Lemon & Blackcurrant Glycerine Swabsticks

  1. Pre-moistened Sugar-Free swabsticks with gentle flavoured glycerine
  2. For oral care post-operatively and for swabbing whenever special mouth care is prescribed
  3. Individual foil packets - 3 swabsticks per packet
MW1115 Lemon Glycerine Swabsticks £ 25 x 3 (75 Swabs/Box)
MW1116 Blackcurrant Glycerine Swabsticks £ 25 x 3 (75 Swabs/Box)


Medicine Measures

Polypropylene disposable medicine measures for use in all areas of the health care environment that require dispensing and measuring medicines and tablets.

M2690 30ml Medicine Measures £ 80/Strip
M504 60ml Medicine Measures £ 100/Strip Out of stock
M273 5ml Medicine Spoons £ 100/Pack


Identification Bracelets (Write-on Type)

  1. Treated write-on front panel to avoid erasure through washing and bathing
  2. Fully adjustable wrist band fits all sizes comfortably and securely
  3. Strong plastic stud fasteners cannot be undone once snap-locked
M3010 Identification Bracelets - Adult White £ 100/Box


Anti-Embolism Stockings

Anti-Embolism stockings stockings deliver graduated compression to the feet and legs to help prevent deep vein thrombosis (DVT) in non-ambulatory patients.

Graduated compression prevents venous stasis, which is believed to be one of the main causes of DVT.
Anti-Embolism stockings consistently deliver the right level of compression at key points in the feet and legs.
Thanks to a built-in inspection area, healthcare professionals can assess foot and toe circulation easily.

  1. Seamless, flat-stitched construction for effective support without discomfort
  2. Low compression heel to help prevent the stocking causing pressure ulcers
  3. Inspection area to assess circulation in the feet and toes
  4. No pressure on the popliteal vein area

Anti-Embolism Stockings are NOT suitable for patients with the following:

  1. Arterial disease or arterial insufficiency
  2. Gangrenous conditions
  3. Vascular disease resulting from congestive heart conditions
  4. Pulmonary oedema or massive oedema of the legs


Anti-Embolism Stockings: Knee Length

CodeSizeCalf CircumferenceLengthPriceQuantity
FE04 Knee Length: Small 29 - 35cm Knee Length £ - 1/Pair
KE7115 Knee Length: Medium/Regular Size C 12 - 15" (30.5 - 38cm) 17" (43cm) £ - 1/Pair
KE7203 Knee Length: Large/Regular Size E 15 - 17.5" (38 - 44.5cm) 18" (46cm) £ - 1/Pair


Anti-Embolism Stockings: Thigh Length

CodeSizeCalf CircumferenceThigh CircumferencePriceQuantity
FE08 Thigh Length: Medium 35 - 40.5cm Up to 53cm £ - 1/Pair
FE810 Thigh Length: Extra Large 49 - 54cm Up to 70cm £ - 1/Pair


Hereford Collar®

  1. Cervical collar with mouldable polystyrene bead filling
  2. Strong Velcro fastening
MS852/2 Hereford Collar® - Small - 27cm x 34cm £ Each
MS852/3 Hereford Collar® - Medium - 31cm x 38cm £ Each
MS852/4 Hereford Collar® - Large - 35cm x 42cm £ Each


Soft Neck Cerivcal Collar

This Soft Cervical Collar is ideal for immobilising the neck as a result of injury, or to be used for treatment of a condition or illness. Comfortable to wear whilst providing maximum support for the user, particularly useful for treating osteoporosis.

Fitted with a velcro strap that can be easily adjusted allowing it to be tightened accordingly to the perfect fit. Manufactured from high quality foam yet affordably priced.

  1. Comfortable to wear
  2. Useful for treating osteoporosis
  3. Velcro strap allows for adjustment
  4. Aids recovery by immobilising the neck
  5. Fitted with a velcro strap so adjustments can be made
M5497 Small Soft Neck Collar 30cm to 35 cm - (12" to 14") £
M5498 Medium Soft Neck Collar 35cm to 40cm - (14" to 16") £
M5499 Large Soft Neck Collar 40cm to 50cm - (16" t0 19") £


Collar 'n' Cuff™ Sling Material

  1. Versatile and economical material can be made into a variety of slings and braces
  2. Simple construction ensures rapid tailor-made support for each patient
  3. Very cost effective, as only the exact amount required needs to be cut from the roll
  4. 5cm x 6m rolls with 20 plastic fasteners
M5558 Collar 'n' Cuff™ Sling Material £ 2/Rolls


Pop-ins™ Sanitary Disposal Bags

Pop-Ins™ are the ideal way to dispose of used sanitary towels, tampons and panty liners. Convenient and hygienic, the bags are impregnated with a delicate floral fragrance that effectively masks any unpleasant odours and have a subtle lilac colouring to disguise the contents. Tie close handles ensure Pop-Ins™ are securely closed after use. The attractive dispensing pack, containing 50 bags, is suitable for use in the bathroom, bedroom or when travelling.

  1. Convenient and hygienic disposal of tampons and sanitary towels
  2. Delicate fragrance to mask any unpleasant odours
  3. Easy-tie handles to retain contents securely
  4. Discreet, compact and attractive, value for money pack
  5. Bag size - 16 x 17cm approx, excluding handles
WB80 Pop-ins™ Sanitary Bags £ 50/Box


Pretty Sanitary Towels

  1. Helps provide clean dry protection
  2. Regular secure shape
  3. Normal absorbency
  4. Length: 250mm
H314 Pretty Sanitary Towels £ 10/Pack
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