Incidin Alcohol 600ml Bottle

Incidin® Alcohol 70% 600ml Bottle

Incidin® Alcohol 70% (w/w) is an ethanol-based ready-to-use surface disinfectant solution which combines short contact times with simple handling.

The enhanced formulation of Incidin® Alcohol 70% offers all the efficacy and practical applications of IMS solution with a less hazardous denaturant.
100ml contains 70ml denatured ethanol.

    Contact Time:
  1. Bactericidal: 30 Seconds
  2. Fungicidal: 30 Seconds
  3. Virucidal: 30 Seconds
  4. Microbactericidal: 60 Seconds
M9300 Incidin® Alcohol £ 600ml Bottle


Hydrex® Pink Derma Spray

  1. For the rapid disinfection of intact skin prior to injection and minor surgical procedures
  2. Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.5% w/v in 70% v/v DEB
  3. Complete, ready to use trigger spray for easy application
M6694 Hydrex® Pink Derma Spray - 500ml Spray £


Hydrex® Surgical Scrub

  1. For use as an antiseptic hand wash, a pre-operative hand scrub and a pre-operative skin preparation prior to surgery
  2. Chlorhexidine 4% w/v skin cleanser
M8001 Hydrex® Surgical Scrub - 500ml Bottle £


Spirigel Complete Alcohol Hand Gel

  1. For the rapid disinfection of physically clean hands
  2. Effective within 30 seconds according to EN1500
  3. A clear colourless gel containing 85% Denatured Ethanol (Standard Spirigel contains 70% Denatured Ethanol) with 1% Glycerol BP as an emollient, which makes it kinder to the skin than some other products
  4. With aloe & Panthenol
  5. Replacing Spirigel Alcohol Hand Gel
H3055 Spirigel Complete 500ml Pump Bottle £ Each


Aquagel® Lubricating Jelly

Universal lubricant recommended for use in gynaecological, digital, instrument examinations and general lubrication procedures.

M7675 Aquagel® Lubricating Jelly £ 82g Tube
M7659 Aquagel® Lubricating Jelly - 5g Sachets £ 50/Pack Out of stock-->Out of stock
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