Shield® Universal Glove Box Dispenser

  1. Fits all Non-Sterile glove boxes
  2. Spring loaded clamp for secure grip
  3. Fix to wall using either adhesive tabs or screws
  4. Keeps work surfaces clearer

Dimensions: Height: 17cm, Width: 10cm

GDISP Shield Universal Glove Box Holder £ Each


Disposable Polythene Gauntlets

  1. Polythene disposable arm length gloves
  2. Ideal for those working in wet conditions and where longer arm protection is needed
  3. Industrial grade Category 1 PPE Directive - 89/686/EEC
PM1220 Disposable Polythene Gauntlets £ 50/Pack

Disposable Pulp Bowls & Dishes

A variety of disposable pulp products for practical patient care which help to prevent infection.

(Click on images to enlarge)

General Purpose Bowls
M104A General Purpose Bowls (1 Litre) £ 25/Pack
Kidney Dishes
M105A Kidney Dishes (700ml) £ 20/Pack
General Purpose/Wash Bowls (3 Litre)
M107A Wash Bowls (3 Litre) £ 25/Pack
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