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Azo™ Wipes & Spray

Azo™ Wipes & Spray

  1. Bactericidal wipes saturated with a 70% v/v solution of Isopropyl Alcohol BP for the disinfection of hard surfaces
  2. Fast bactericidal action against MRSA, E.Coli and a wide range of other micro-organisms
  3. Fully authorised under the Biocidal Product Regulation
M81104 Azowipette™ Small Wipes
(Wipe Size - 18.5cm x 13cm)
£ 100/Tub
M1103 Azowipe™ Large Wipes
(Wipe Size - 22cm x 20cm)
£ 200/Tub
M8112 Azo™ 70% IPA Spray 500ml £ Each


Azo™ Universal (formerly AzoMax) Cleaning and Disinfectant Spray

AZO™ Universal Spray is a 2-in-1 alcohol-free cleaning and disinfectant spray which contains a revolutionary patent pending proprietary Advanced Active Technology™ formulation containing a mix of surfactants and 5 biocides including quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs), bronopol and polymeric biguanide (PHMB), complementing one another to create a powerful 2-in-1 cleaning and disinfectant which has a 24 hour residual activity, providing continuous antimicrobial activity.

AZO™ Universal Spray is NHS approved and is widely used in professional settings including healthcare areas such as casualty departments, operating theatres, GP, dental surgeries, laboratories, clean rooms and care homes. Furthermore, AZO™ Universal Spray is also used widely in non health areas including food manufacturing, hospitality and catering, schools and educational community where infection prevention and control is fundamental.

AZO™ Universal Spray has been fully validated by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS) accredited laboratories. In the UK, (UKAS) is the sole national accreditation body recognised by the UK government to assess the competence of laboratories that provide certification, testing, inspection and calibration services. AZO™ Universal Spray products have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that it conforms to its stated efficacy against a broad range of micro-organisms, giving you confidence that our alcohol-free disinfectant actually does what is says, providing a rapid and effective level of cleaning and disinfection.

AZO™ Universal Spray is compliant with the following recognised European EN standards against a wide range of mico-organisms including: Bactericidal - EN1040, EN1276 and EN13727, Virucidal - EN14476, Yeasticidal/Fungicidal - EN1650/EN13624, Mycobactericidal - EN14348

  1. Active Technology, perfect for "one-step" cleaning and disinfection of non-invasive medical devices
  2. Broad spectrum activity against a range of the most 21 pathogenic micro-organisms including E.Coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Proteus mirabilis, Staphylococcus aureu, Enterococci, Mycobacterium terrae, MRSA, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, Vaccinia, Flaviviridae, Candida albicans, Norovirus, H1N1, Acinetobacter, Klebsiella pneunmonia, Listeria, Salmonella, Legionella and SARS
  3. Residual antimicrobial activity for 24 hours
  4. Rapid contact times from 5 mins
  5. Non-corrosive and Non-flammable
  6. Aldehyde-free, chlorine-free, alcohol-free
  7. Contains pleasant smelling AZO™ fragrance
  8. Formulation is skin friendly, universal and suitable to be used on hands, surfaces and equipments
  9. Certified Halal approved by European Halal Development agency making it suitable for food manufacturing, hospitality and catering sectors
  10. Compliant with HTM-01-05 guidelines
AM500SCE Azo™ Universal (formerly AzoMax) Cleaning and Disinfectant Spray 500ml £ Each
AZOMAX™ - Safety Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet


Conti® So Soft Dry Patient Cleansing Wipes

Conti® So Soft are made from a heavyweight material, offering both softness and durability for highly effective cleansing both above and below the waist.

An ideal choice for patient care that, when used together with Clinisan™ skin cleansing foam, provides the complete patient cleansing system..

  1. Large wipe size: 30xm x 36cm
  2. Non-woven material: Polypropylene/Viscose/Cotton
ZACPV110 Conti® So Soft Dry Wipes - 30cm x 36cm £ 100/Pack Out of stock


Cotton Wool Balls

  1. BP Quality
  2. 100% Pure cotton wool
  3. Soft and absorbent
M1955 Cotton Wool Balls Small - 500/Bag £
M1960 Cotton Wool Balls Large - 250/Bag £


Large Sterile Cotton Wool Balls

  1. BP Quality
  2. Soft and absorbent
  3. 100% Pure cotton wool
M8172 Large Sterile Cotton Wool Balls - 200/Box (40x 5/Pack) £
Vernacare Sterile Non-woven Balls Size F

Vernacare Sterile Non-woven Balls - Size F

  1. Lint-free alternative to traditional cotton wool balls
  2. High quality non-woven material
VC28113 Vernacare Sterile Non-woven Balls - Size F - 100/Box (20x 5/Pack) £


Cotton Wool Roll BP

Conforming to the specifications of the NHS Drug Tariff.

M1565 Cotton Wool Roll 500g £ Each
Sterile Sealed Edge Cotton Eye Pads

Sterile Sealed Edge Cotton Eye Pads

Oval shaped cotton eye pads, suitable for use by patients following examinations and treatment.

  1. Sealed Edges
  2. Individually Packed
  3. Latex-Free
  4. CE Marked
  5. Dimensions: 80mm x 60mm
M28793 Sterile Sealed Edge Cotton Eye Pads £ 50/Box


Sterile Disposable Gallipots

Disposable clear gallipots with graduation marks.

M271 Disposable Gallipots - 60ml Sterile £ 20/Box


Drug Tariff Spec 10

  1. 1 x Water repellent sterile field
  2. 1 x Absorbent paper towel
  3. 4 x Large cotton wool balls
  4. 1 x Absorbent dressing pad
  5. 4 x Absorbent swabs (10cm x 10cm)
MDT10 Drug Tariff Spec 10 £ 12/Pack


Sofsorb® Non-Woven Swabs (Sterile)

A soft close fibre construction swab providing efficient wet friction, proving ideal for debriding and cleansing of surface wounds.
Virtually lint free, this swab provides excellent conformability and thermal insulation making it the ideal solution for wound dressings and as a component for wound dressing packs.

VC28112 Sofsorb® Swabs (Sterile) - 7.5cm x 7.5cm 4ply £ 200/Box (40 x 5)
VC28118 Sofsorb® Swabs (Sterile) - 10cm x 10cm 4ply £ 125/Box (25 x 5)
VC28100 Sofsorb® Swabs (Sterile) - 10cm x 10cm 4ply £ 100/Box (50 x 2)
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