Over half a century ago, spirometry was confined to hospital environments but with the development of the first Vitalograph® spirometer, the brain child of Vitalograph® founder, Dietmar Garbe, it became possible, for the first time, to conduct spirometry testing outside the hospital laboratory. Today, family-owned Vitalograph® remains committed to developing innovative respiratory solutions that deliver high performance, low running costs and optimal hygiene.

The extensive Vitalograph® range includes handheld, desktop and PC-based spirometers, respiratory monitors and screeners, our powerful Spirotrac Software, plus optional audiometry and ECG modules. Vitalograph® devices have won several design awards and are considered to be the ‘gold standard’ for spirometry by respiratory physicians around the world.

In addition to a wide range of devices, Vitalograph® offer a range of respiratory consumables, including the new Eco Bacterial Viral Filter (BVF), designed to deliver optimal hygiene and fit spirometers from most manufacturers.


Vitalograph® SafeTway® Mouth Pieces

  1. For use with peak flow meters and spirometers for the effective control of cross infection risk
  2. A low cost alternative to BVF for expiratory testing
  3. One-way valve prevents inhalation
V20242A Vitalograph® SafeTway® Mouth Pieces £ 50/Pack
V20242 Vitalograph® SafeTway® Mouth Pieces £ 200/Box


Vitalograph® Mini SafeTway® Mouth Pieces

The Mini SafeTway® has a 22mm diameter mouth piece for paediatric use or for elderly test subjects who have difficulty fitting their mouth properly around the standard size.

  1. Suitable for use with peak flow meters and spirometers
  2. One-way valve prevents inhalation
  3. Protects from cross infection
V20980 Vitalograph® Mini SafeTway® Mouth Pieces £ 50/Box


Vitalograph® Peak Flow Meter

  1. Accurate, compact, lightweight and portable
  2. Robust and hard wearing
  3. Easily read scale markers
  4. Suitable for adults and children
  5. Suitable for multiple subject use with SafeTway mouth pieces
V43602 Vitalograph® Peak Flow Meter £ Each


Vitalograph® BVF (Bacterial Viral Filter)

  1. Bacterial and viral filter even sub micron size
  2. Nanofibre medium creating electrostatic filtering
  3. 99.99% cross-contamination efficiency
  4. Low expiratory flow impedance
  5. Tested and efficient at high flow rates
  6. Protects your test subject and your equipment
  7. When inspiratory and expiratory testing, the BVF should be used
  8. Fully disposable for complete hygiene
V28350 Vitalograph® BVF (Bacterial Viral Filter) £ 10/Pack Out of stock


Vitalograph Disposable Nose Clips

Designed for comfortable fit and performance during spirometry testing, also completely disposable
International spirometry guidelines recommend the use of disposable Nose Clips during spirometry testing

V20303 Vitalograph Disposable Nose Clips £ 5/Pack


Vitalograph® Thermal Printer Paper

  1. Quality coated thermal paper from Vitalograph®
  2. The coating is optimised for clear print quality and trouble-free printer operation
  3. Size: 112 x 48mm
  4. For use with models: Alpha IV, Alpha Touch, Compact 1/2/3 (not Compact Expert), and 2120 + Base Station
V66149 Vitalograph® Thermal Printer Paper - Size 112x48mm £ 5/Box
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